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    Brain Scholarship by Dr. Ghosh Charitable Trust:Are you a medical aspirant who wants to pursue your MBBS degree from a reputed government college but face financial challenges? If yes, then Dr. Ghosh Charitable Trust (DGCT) is here to help you! DGCT is a leading non-profit organization that provides essential financial aid to young and promising medical students who successfully crack their medical entrance examinations but face financial challenges in pursuing their dreams. The Trust was founded by the renowned Neurosurgeon, Dr. (Prof) Siddhartha Ghosh, with a vision of ensuring that no one is deprived of quality healthcare services due to financial constraints. The Trust is dedicated to the Betterment of Mankind and operates on the principles of compassion, integrity, and excellence. The Trust offers monthly financial assistance to the selected students to cover hostel charges, purchase books, and meet other necessary expenses. The Trust has witnessed numerous success stories, with many of its sponsored students completing their MBBS courses who are now pursuing higher studies in various fields of medicine.


    BRAIN Scholarship overview:

    Each year, the Trust awards 10 BRAIN Scholarshipsto medical students. Recipients of this scholarship will receive an attractive monthly stipend, covering essential expenses such as hostel fees, exam fees, and books. The scholarship supports the entire duration of the 4-5 years of MBBS course, subject to maintaining passing grades. However, scholarships will be canceled if a student fails maximun one in the entire course.
    If you want to apply for Brain Scholarship, youneed to fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
    • First year medical student pursuing MBBS degreefrom a government medical college / institution
    • Student whose family income is less than INR1,50,000 pa


    The selection criteria for the Brain Scholarshipare as follows:
    • The Trust will shortlist the candidates basedon their rank, gender and financial condition
    • The final selection will be done by the Trustees


    Application is open from August 15, 2023 to September 30, 2023.


    To apply fill the form at this link: https://forms.gle/Sk6FbArtdUhj5nNr6


    You can also mail us at drghoshcharitabletrust@gmail.com