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    Dr Ghosh Charitable Trust

    Under the aegis of Dr Siddhartha Ghosh, DGCT was formed with the motto that every human being, irrespective of socio-economic background, should have access to quality lifesaving healthcare and medical treatment.

  • About DGCT

    Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh

    Dr Ghosh Charitable Trust (DGCT)

    DGCT was started by Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh in January 2001, after witnessing one too many cases of a poor patient being denied the opportunity for life-saving healthcare due to the lack of funds. Dr. Ghosh was driven by the belief that every human being ought to have access to medical treatment that could potentially save their lives – and socioeconomic background should NOT be a barrier to this.

    It is with this vision that the Trust undertakes a host of activities. While performing free or low-cost neurosurgery is the Trust’s main thrust, it also provides the following services for the financially weak sections of our society.

    Dr Siddhartha Ghosh

    Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh is one of India’s foremost neurosurgeons. He has performed over 20,000 successful neurosurgeries of the brain and spine with a specialty in complicated tumor removal. His dedication and passion to work is unparalleled, a fact that is attested by his 95% success rate and the devotion he has earned among the patient community.

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    17th Anniversary celebration of DGCT

    27th August,


    DGCT was celebrated its 17th anniversary on 27th august 2022 in Mahajati Sadan.


    "Mr.Goutam Ghosh(Advocate), Dr.Tirthankar Bhattacharya(Arjotirtho), Prof.Dr.Arunabha Sengupta, Dr.Krishna pyne, Dr.Swatee Halbe, Mr.Soumen Mitra, Mr.Taranjit Singh, Prof.Ajay Ray" were the chief guest for the function.


    The occasion started with Anthem, music concert, songs and dance followed by guests speech. They appreciated the spearheading initiatives and efforts of grateful services of the founder to thousands of poor people.


    The founder of DGCT Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh said " Our DGCT anniversary celebration happening after a few years due to COVID. It changed lots of routine works to be unusual. Now all the issues are back to normal. Our trust will continually do the services to the society and I thank everyone who are all being the part of our Trust".


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    18th Anniversary celebration of DGCT

    9th Dec,


    DGCT was celebrated its 18th anniversary on 9th Dec 2023 in Mahajati Sadan.


    The stage was embellished with guests Dr.Sowmya swaminathan(Chief scientific officer of WHO),Prof.Ajay Roy(Director of indian institute of engineering science & technology, Shibpur), Mr.Goutham Ghosh, Dr.Krishna Payne & Mr. Subhashis Mukhapadhyay.


    The program unfolded with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp, setting the stage for a captivating cultural performance that engaged the audience, followed by guests speech. The second half of the program featured the play 'Na Kotha,' skillfully presented by Ishita Mukhopadhyay from the Ushneek Group.


    As the program concluded, the Deputy Managing Trustee Dr. Mitra Ghosh announced the Trust's commitment to return the following year with even more positive initiatives, fostering a sense of anticipation and hope for the future endeavors of Dr. Ghosh Charitable Trust.


  • Our Activities

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    Surgeries on the Brain and Spine

    Performing free or partially waived surgeries is at the heart of the Trust’s activities. With Dr. Ghosh’s tight-knit team of highly skilled doctors and nurses on board, the Trust has performed over 350 neurosurgeries with a 99% success rate. We have 15 committed nurses for home and hospital care who monitor the patients.

    The surgeries are performed with state-of- the-art equipment at Apollo Hospitals in Chennai and Kolkata. The management of Apollo Hospitals Chennai has kindly granted the free use of its equipment and infrastructure to the Trust by way of an annual allowance, thanks to Dr. Ghosh’s long association with the Apollo Group.

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    Two Multi-specialty Clinics in Kolkata

    Affordable but quality medical treatment is practically a myth for the common man in India. It is to bridge this gap between affordability and quality that the Trust has set up 2 fully functional clinics in Ultadanga and Muchi Bazaar in Kolkata, where patients pay a nominal fee of Rs. 30 for a range of health services, such as Gynecology, Pediatrics, Cardiology, Neurology, Opthalmology, Dentistry and Orthopaedics. An average of 20,000 patients avail these services every year.


    Apart from low-cost consultations, the Trust also offers free medication for up to 3 days after consultation. We are aided in this endeavor by several pharmaceutical organizations and individual donors. Apart from this, many neurological patients get their monthly medicine freely provided by the Trust.

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    BRAIN Diagnostic Centre

    To complete the holistic medical treatment experience, the Trust also offers a low-cost diagnostic facility where people can get the services of blood test, X-ray, ultrasound, ECG, ECHO, EEG TMT and Holter monitor at a fraction of the regular cost with no compromise on the quality of equipment. Senior citizens get an additional discount. Kind patron organizations and individuals have contributed funds in order for us to obtain this state-of-the-art equipment.

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    BRAIN Scholarships

    The Trust chooses a few exemplary students each year and grants a 100% scholarship for an MBBS degree in the State Govt Medical Colleges of Tamil Nadu & West Bengal. The Trust supports the entire cost of education of 32 students in West Bengal and 25 students in Tamil Nadu. Donors can choose to support a single student by paying Rs. 6000 per month for a period of 41⁄2 years.

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    Schools, Orphanages, Old Age Homes & Disability Institutions – Health Programs

    The Trust has taken on several institutions that cater to disadvantaged individuals and handles all their medical needs. Doctors from the Trust visit these institutions every month, conduct medical investigations, and distribute free medicines.


    Schools: The Trust has adopted two schools in Kolkata that comprise mainly of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. One of these schools, Gobindo Home, is an orphanage in Panihati and the other is a low-income school in Baghbazaar. The Trust sponsors all medicines required by the students yearlong and conducts large- scale health check-up camps for all students thrice a year.


    Old Age Homes & Orphanages: The Trust attends to the medical needs of more than 250 inmates in various old age homes and orphanages across Chennai, like Kakkum Karangal, Aruvi Old Age Home, Annai Anbu Karangal and Amaithi Illam Orphanage. In Kolkata, it sponsors the medical needs of the Tollygunge Old Age Home.


    Disability Institutions: The Trust also manages the medical needs of the two Cheshire Homes in Serampore and Tollygunge, which cater to individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities.

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    Disease Awareness Programs

    The Trust has conducted regular Head Injury Awareness programs, especially amongst college students, where the incidence of road accidents is the highest. Chennai holds the dubious distinction of the highest number of road traffic accident deaths in India, and the Trust is committed to raising awareness in order to change this. The Trust also conducted a Meningitis Awareness Program on World Meningitis Day on 24th April 2013.

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    Adopting a Village’s Healthcare Needs

    The Trust adopted a village in West Bengal called Pandua in July 2015. 30 families in Pandua have been tested for anemia, high blood pressure and diabetes, and medication has been provided for the same. We endeavor to keep expanding the number of families we can serve and hope to cover the entire village.

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    DGCT Guesthouse at Chennai

    The Trust has opened a guesthouse for its patients in Vanagaram, Chennai, so that they may stay at a moderate cost. We also provide free pick up and drop arrangements from the guesthouse to the hospital.

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    Relief Operations after Chennai Floods

    After the horrific floods at Chennai in December 2015, the Trust set up relief medical camps in the flood-affected areas and provided medicines and health check-ups free of cost.

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    Continuing Medical Education (CME) Programs

    CME programs are conducted in various medical colleges for doctors and medical students to benefit from the lectures by eminent doctors in the field. The Trust conducts regular CMEs on radiology, pathology, neurology, surgery & ancillary treatments.

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    Free medical camp


    Park town, Chennai

    Dr Ghosh charitable trust conducted a free medical camp at CHENNAPURI ANNADANA SAMAJAM, Parktown successful.
    More than 85 inmates were highly benefitted.
    We thank Dr. Anand Shah for his help.
    Our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Suganthi, Dr. Arresh, Mr. John and Mr. Paul Immanuel for helping this to happen. We thank the sponsor Dr. Rajendran for sponsoring to provide medicines, Dr. Swatee Vasant Halbe for partly sponsoring the Investigation charges, we also thank Mr. Karthik for sponsoring to provide snacks, Mr. Vasanth, Mr. Govindan, Mr. Srinivasan and Mr.Mani for partly sponsoring to provide gifts.
    All your support in this camp was a great source of help and we look forward to continue our work with you all.

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    Mandous cyclone relief camp


    Deveneri village

    On December 9th, cyclonic storm Mandous, which crossed the coast at Mamallapuram. People living near the coastal area were affected on property and material damage. So our DGCT conducted "Mandous relief camp" on Deveneri village.They distributed 500kg rice bags to the people who are all suffering by the cyclone.

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  • Want to help?

    Any contribution will go a long way in ensuring that our activities can save more lives

    Rs.50,000 - Rs.3,00,0000

    Sponsor a neurosurgery

    Rs 1,00,000

    Sponsor a multispeciality camp

    Rs 6000 per month per

    student or Rs 72,000 per annum

    Sponsor a medical scholarship at a government college

    Rs 85,000 to 1,500,00 per annum

    Adopt an orphanage or an old age home

    Rs. 5000 to Rs. 10,000 per month

    Medical expenses for a neuro patient

    Rs 50,000

    Sponsor a Head Injury Awareness Camp at an institution

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    All donations to Dr. Ghosh Charitable Trust are exempt from Income Tax under Section 80G.



    Donations can be made in cheque favouring :

    “Dr Ghosh Charitable Trust”


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