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causes , symptoms and prevention of dengue


  • Dengue is a viral fever transmitted by the bite of Aedes aegypti mosquito.
  • Dengue virus has 4 serotypes. Serotypes 1,2 are common in India and can cause severe infection.
  • A person can get infected with one or more serotypes in his/her lifetime.
  • Secondary dengue infection is more severe compared to primary dengue and leads to complications such as bleeding, shock etc .
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Signs and symptoms of dengue fever : Symptoms usually last for 2-7 days. Incubation period : 4-10 days.

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Warning signs of dengue :

  • Clinical : Abdominal pain or tenderness, persistent vomiting, fluid accumulation, mucosal bleed, lethargy, restlessness, liver enlargement.
  • Laboratory : Increase in hematocrit, rapid decrease in platelet count.

Prevention of dengue :

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